Happy February!

February, a month which reminds us all about Love. But what is Love? When do people fall in love? Why do people struggle to sustain in a relationship? All of these questions would always flash in our mind when we hear the word ‘Love’ but we hardly bother to answer them. So I took some time to figure out something about Love which pops in my mind. Love is just a random word until someone special gives meaning to it in your life.


LOVE is a magical feeling which can turn you upside-down, make you dream of fairy tales and will give you such joy and happiness. You never know when you’ll meet the Love of your life but when you do, you’ll never let them go because Love is Eternal. Love is also Patience! You need to be patient when there is a quarrel; definitely no running. One more surprising reality about Love is that, it is not easily angered. How much ever you try, you’ll never get angered with the person you Love because Love is Kind. Love is Majestic! They say, “The secret of happiness is to have a bad memory” and yes,  Love does not keep record of the wrong things, it just makes it so easy for you to be a scatter brain. Love always trusts, understands, hopes and perseveres. Love does not support possessiveness rather it protects, believes and sets free everything. Love does not Fear!  Love never ever vanishes. Love never fails!

So, are you in Love? Does your definition of Love match with the above? Take a moment and think about it. Realize how things are going on and what effect does it produce in your life. Today, Ego is the plague to Love. It tries it’s maximum to kill Love, to break relationships into pieces and to shatter every human being. Also include, insecure feeling, domination and possessiveness which prevail in the modern day scenario. The art of sustaining a relationship develops only when you destroy this plague, which is honestly damn hard for the present generation. 

But all of this becomes much more easier when you take the vow,“To Love each other even when we Hate each other”. Even at the worst situations of life, fights, misunderstandings; you should still Love each other beyond everything,  that is when the bonding becomes stronger and stronger. You should never let it go, instead hold on to it tight with Love and Hope. Falling in Love may be by chance but it is your choice to stay and sustain Love. When you’ve met that ONE special person whom you never wanna let go, you’ll believe that all of this is true. Love is Pure and Divine! It pulls you back to the same point and you’ll fall in Love with the same person every single time, because Love is Gravity. Of course you may think it’s easy to write these things but I’d like to say that it’s easy to practice as well, when you have found the Love of your Life.

Love is Powerful!


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